Audi launches its first electric scooter, a sustainable urban mobility alternative

In 2020, the mobility restrictions of conventional vehicles, combined by a growing motivation and interest in protecting the environment, have created the ideal conditions for the rise of electric scooters. In fact, it is estimated that the sales of this innovative means of transport have increased by more than 1000% in just one year. In addition to this, the potential risk of moving by public transport due to the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to making this device one of the best mobility alternatives.

When it comes to electric scooters, not only does the demand increase (and as a consequence, the price falls) but also the technology becomes more sophisticated. In response to the new needs of the population, and to this growing interest in this type of vehicle, the Audi electric kick scooter powered by Segway, the brand’s first electric scooter, comes onto the market.

With the confidence that the Audi brand provides in conventional vehicles, the new electric scooter is a guarantee of reliability, performance, design and innovation. As for its characteristics, it has a range of 65 km and a fairly competitive price, available for 849 euros.

A mobility alternative with multiple advantages

The car is no longer the preferred means of transport for many Spaniards. In its place, the electric scooter has obtained a privileged place in large cities in recent times, due to its many advantages. Not only does it allow you to move quickly and lightly, which is great for short distances; but, in addition, it is a vehicle with zero emissions, it is easy to park and it is ideal for avoiding traffic.

The leading brand in the automotive sector wants its customers to move in an Audi, whatever type of vehicle they use. In addition, with the development of its first electric scooter, it shows its commitment and contribution to a more sustainable and green large city: the use of the electric scooter not only does not pollute, but also reduces traffic in cities.

The new electric scooter from Audi is, in short, the answer to the growing interest of the population in new and innovative transport vehicles, motivated by the boom in environmental protection and the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

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