Billionhands: the Spanish ‘Google’ of discounts

The Spanish startup offers more than 1.5 million products from both neighborhood stores and large online chains with the best discounts. You can become the next Spanish unicorn.

Online purchases have been the main protagonist in the retail sector during the months of confinement. Amazon, Ebay and even Aliexpress, although most of their products are still imported from China, have served to re-establish confidence in the ecommerce sector among small businesses and SMEs. But is there room for a fourth king of the market?

The Spanish firm Billionhands believes that it can qualify for this leadership position thanks to the development of its own algorithm focused on “smart shoppers” on the internet.

The term Billion represents the discounts and offers of the web portal, currently with more than 1.5 million discounted products, and Hands, according to the startup, gives life to the people who make up this great buying and selling community. They are both the users and the businesses (online and physical commerce) that participate in the platform.

Among all of them, 171 of the most exclusive merchants in the national market stand out, as well as a wide range of 20,000 brands represented. In this particular portfolio that have trusted Billionhands, restaurants such as Domino’s Pizza or Papa John’s stand out. But also different service companies such as Legalitas, Roadside Assistance or Avis. In addition to training entities such as KH Idiomas, Cambrigde House or personal care, such as Vitaldent, fitness offers and mobile accessories, or fashion and beauty leaders such as El Corte Inglés, ASOS or Douglas.

A whole community where especially buyers of fashion and accessories, home, sports and beauty find a significant percentage of savings in products that also serve to build loyalty in this sales community.

The Billionhands customer, whose profile corresponds to that of an informed and demanding consumer at the time of making a purchase, looks for the best discounts at the moment also offered from shops and physical stores that circulate on the network. So with this wide offer you no longer have to wait for the classic sales campaigns or the next Black Fridays to make your purchase.


Founded in 2019 by Nicolás Luca de Tena, a Spanish investor in important exits such as La Nevera Roja and Multiasistencia, Billionhands now wants to consolidate its presence both in the national market and soon to be in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Germany.

“Billionhands has been established to establish a new category: the global discount search engine, in a space that has not been occupied up to now. The platform represents a revolution, a single point of access to all the discounts available in the market” indicates Nicolás Luca de Tena .

The platform also includes outstanding functionality for physical businesses that is of interest in the current context of COVID 19. Billionhands offers small and physical businesses the possibility of completing their sales strategy by offering their stock at the discount of their choice and at the time you need it.

“In this context, Billionhands is more necessary than ever. The app offers the ideal platform for all billionaires, the name given to its users, where they can find all discounts in a single channel. Thus the consumer not only saves money, but also time” , Add.

With its offer, Billionhands digitizes traditional businesses going from offline to online market without any investment. The mobile application, easy to consult, offers different service filters such as geolocation or the possibility of choosing only between online and physical offers to streamline sales processes.

Quite a startup on the rise, with a long journey, to which some investment experts already hang the poster of the next Spanish ‘unicorn’ as eDreams or Cabify were in their day. While much of the specialized press begins to call it the ‘Google of discounts’.

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