Google wants to be like Apple: its Pixel mobiles will carry processors created by themselves

Google is developing its own processor for the company’s smartphones that would be made with Samsung technology and could debut with the Pixel 6 model later this year.

In the same way that Apple has begun to produce its own processors for iPhone and Mac, Google is preparing to launch its own SOC chip in its Pixel mobiles

The technology company plans to incorporate its own systems on a chip (SoC) in its hardware equipment. These elements would be manufactured by Samsung, as reported by the specialized portal 9to5Google.

The chip, codenamed ‘Whitechapel’, started making buzz in early 2020, and last fall, during the presentation of third-quarter results, CEO Sundar Pichai spoke of deeper investments in ‘hardware ‘, as part of the company’s roadmap for the following years.

The aforementioned media claims to have had access to documents on this subject. He notes that it is a proprietary processor, and that Pixel phones arriving later in the year, presumably the Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a, will work with the GS101, as it is referred to internally.

Specifically, they explain that the documents link the chip with ‘Slider’, which is a reference also found in the Chamber’s ‘app’, and that it can be a shared platform for the first processor.

9to5Google indicates that ‘Slider’ is also related to Samsung’s Exynos processors, which, they claim, indicates that the South Korean company is responsible for its production.

Subsequently, Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers has shared additional information that, he says, “corroborates” that the Pixel phones will work with the GS101 chip. And it even details some of its features: it will have a 3-cluster configuration, with a TPU and an element that could be a security chip, related to Titan M.

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