Ibai’s PS5 unboxing: ‘fire’ in G2’s mansion and kiss with Barbe

On November 24, Unboxing will be released, a short film directed by Jaume Balagueró whose insane trailer devastated … and worried G2’s landlady

Ibai Llanos made a very peculiar unboxing of PlayStation 5 on his Twitch channel that was also broadcast on Netflix. The reason for this collaboration is that it was actually the trailer for a “live fiction short film” directed by Jaume Balagueró (author of REC, among other films) and which will be broadcast on November 24th.

It all started as one more video: Ibai was taking out the accessories and even played a bit with the Sony PlayStation 5. However, things did not take long to get out of hand and he ended up appearing nothing more and nothing less than an assailant dressed as the characters from La casa de papel and armed with a flamethrower.

The fire, destruction and polystyrene balls that rained from the sky ended up uniting the streamer and his friend and his partner Barbe in a hug and a kiss shouting the romantic phrase “let’s clap!” Unforgettable.

Who will also have trouble forgetting all this is the landlady of the G2 mansion, who wrote to David Bayón, G2 Project Manager, worried that she was seeing live how his house was on fire. “Everything okay?” He asked after linking Ibai’s tweet in which the fire appeared. “I am very concerned”.

Fortunately, and of course, it was not the house of Ibai and company -which is not his, but rented-, but a television set located in Badalona. The flames may have been controlled and the fire was fictional, but what is clear is that there was love in the kiss.

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