‘Ignored’ by Clubhouse, people with disabilities ask for more accessible social networks

Digital accessibility in new tools and applications is still seen as a second step “improvement” or a “favor” for people with disabilities, users complain.

Two pieces of information are considered important for you to become familiar with the most talked about social network of the moment, the Clubhouse.

First, it is a platform with live chat rooms, only by audio.

Second, to enter, the following conditions are required: having an iPhone and being invited by a friend who is already using the application.

But, for people with hearing and visual impairments, a third question always arises: “is it accessible?”.

And the answer to this case, at least at first, is: no.

“People with disabilities are used to being invisible, but I refuse to do that,” writer Paula Pfeifer, who used her social networks to point out accessibility problems on the new platform, told BBC News Brazil – and was criticized for that.
Hearing impaired and leader of the Surdos Que Ouvem project, she was accused of “boring militancy” for raising her voice to a recurring problem she faces when trying to participate in “news” on the internet.

“Since I took my position, I need to ‘prove’ that accessibility is important. Accessibility is not a luxury. In fact, it is a basic prerequisite for products and services and should be thought of from the beginning, not to ‘plug a hole’. ‘ later”.

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