The pocket-sized invention that eliminates the bad smell of your used clothes in a couple of minutes

Odor suppression is achieved thanks to plasma technology generated by charged particles after an ionization process. The product will sell for 250 euros.

Eliminating the bad smell from clothes is a process that has traditionally required a thorough washing or, at least, leaving the garment to air for several hours at a time. However, the German engineering company Bosch has invented a pocket-size solution that it says will remove the smell of kid from garments in less than two minutes.

Bosch will put on sale at the end of May a portable device that removes odors from dry clothes without washing them through plasma, which has been made known by the company through a crowdfunding campaign, and plans to launch the product in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom at the end of May.

Bosch FreshUp is used to eliminate odors from dry garments that have been used once and do not require washing, or for other textile products such as cushions or teddy bears that are “almost never” washed, according to their official website. Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

The device is designed to be portable, measuring 16 centimeters long, 6.5 wide and 3.5 centimeters thick; and 200 grams of weight. Currently, it has two designs, one black and one purple.

The ‘gadget’ is used directly on dry clothes through passes, both if the user is wearing the garment and if it is on a surface. The device comes into contact with the fabric and moves slowly to remove the stench. The complete elimination of the odor in contact with the dry fabric takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, according to the official website of the product.

Odor suppression is achieved thanks to plasma technology generated by charged particles after an ionization process. The plasma flows between the textile fibers and breaks down simple molecules such as odor molecules so that they do not return to their original structure, which removes the odor and prevents it from returning. Plasma activation is indicated on the product by purple light.

Although it can be used on any fabric, the product’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page indicates that the time and mode of execution vary according to the type of fabric. In addition, they warn that FreshUp is not designed to remove body odor from the skin, or that of stains or perfumes, and that it is totally harmless to health.

The product is available for reservation on Indiegogo, a ‘crowdfunding’ web platform on which Bosch has offered the product. The German multinational has explained that the product is on this website because it is an opportunity to immerse oneself “in a group of people known for their experience and passion for innovations such as FreshUp”, and highlights that the opinions of users about the product will influence the future of it.

FreshUp will be on general sale at the end of May this year in Germany and Austria for a price of 249 euros and in the United Kingdom for 249 pounds, but they assure that in the future they will announce its availability in other countries. Currently shipments are only made to Germany and the UK.

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