Scandal in Australia: there are now three women who accuse a former government adviser of rape

There are now three women who have accused an unidentified former Australian government successor of rape, a story that came to light last week, following statements by former adviser Brittany Higgins.

The Canberra rape scandal erupted when former counsel Higgins made public a sexual assault perpetrated in March 2019 in the office of then-Defense Industries Minister Linda Reynolds by an unidentified man who was fired in the wake. of this complaint.

Days later, the newspaper Weekend Australia denounced the alleged rape of a second woman, who was not identified, by the same man after a dinner between the two that occurred last year.

This Monday, the Australian newspaper published that a woman, who was not identified, was raped in 2016 by this former adviser after a night of drinks with other colleagues when she was volunteering during the electoral campaign of the Liberal Party, led by the prime minister. , Scott Morrison.

In addition, a fourth woman who was not identified and who filed a complaint with the police on Sunday, says that this former adviser stroked her thigh under a table in a bar in 2017, according to Australian network ABC.

Australian State Special Minister Simon Birminghan, who is in charge of creating an independent multi-party group to review work culture in Parliament, admitted Monday that allegations of alleged violations place a “very heavy burden” on the government.

“That is why we must change the culture and (labor) practices,” Minister Birmingham told local network ABC.

For her part, Labor Senator Penny Wong emphasized in a legislative session that “there is no doubt that there is a problem in the treatment of women in Parliament and in politics”, as well as accused Morrison of emitting “empty words” in a context where “there is no culture of responsibility.”

The allegations have rocked the Australian political scene, although the popularity of Morrison, who has apologized for the way Higgins’ complaint was handled and claimed to have learned of the case last week, increased by one percentage point to 61%, according to the latest survey.

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