Shure MV7: a great microphone to succeed on Twitch and end up one day in Andorra

Shure, a well-known sound and microphone brand that has finally arrived completely in Spain, is not to blame that Rubius and the rest of his millionaire friends go to Andorra to pay less; But it is true that almost all of them trust this brand for their recordings on YouTube and streams on Twitch. They will do something right.

That is why I have tried one of their latest products, the Shure MV7, a fixed capsule microphone, dynamic transducer and cardioid pattern (you speak to the tip, basically) whose big difference compared to its older brother, the Shure SM7B, is that It has both an analogue output via XLR for sound interfaces and via microUSB to connect directly to the computer.

I consider this duality of the microphone an advantage, especially because unless you are a professional in the management of sound interfaces and need 30 inputs and 30 outputs and have a mixing desk for all this, with this microphone connected by USB you will have a sound just as good as XLR.

Twitch streamers’ favorite brand has a new microphone that works both via USB and XLR output

It is one of the few microphones that I think can say this and I can’t quite say why, but when comparing the two connections, I don’t notice a difference. If my word is not worth you, perhaps that of one of the youtubers dedicated to streaming technology will serve as reinforcement.

I understand that for the management of signals on a computer, a streamer who does interviews or has several sound sources, needs to connect the microphones by XLR and with a sound interface to manage everything better. But if you only record with a microphone, by USB you can shoot and you will not lose anything. And you will even save a little money.

Although there are cheaper alternatives for USB, not cheap in themselves, such as the Blue Yeti or the Elgato Wave 1, this model offers more sound quality and is a superior type of microphone. And if you’re also a bit obsessed with aesthetics, I’d say this mic looks even better when it pokes its head out on a stream.
I don’t really like the decoration that comes in the form of touch controls for the sound and mic gain because, in addition to being impractical, you can touch them almost without realizing it when you move the microphone. The same for the ‘mute’ button. I appreciate that you can connect headphones and manage through the mic what you hear while you are recording, although I have not used it much.

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