US meteorological agency announces major improvements to its model

MIAMI, USA – The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Monday that it will update its Global Forecast System (GFS), one of the leading computer models used to predict the weather. in North America and, indeed, around the world.

The US agency announces improvements to its forecasting and data collection systems around the world.

The update went live early Monday and is designed to predict more accurate forecasts for up to two weeks. NOAA says the update will lead to better predictions of hurricanes and other extreme weather events, such as ocean waves and other events high in the atmosphere.

“This substantial update to the GFS, along with continuous updates to our supercomputing capability, demonstrates our commitment to advancing the weather forecast to fulfill our mission of protecting life and property,” said Louis Uccellini, Director of the Weather Service. NOAA National, in a teleconference with the media Monday.

The update focuses on the underlying physics and adjusts the way the model enters and processes current weather information, while integrating other sources of data from ordinary satellites and aircraft.

The Global Forecast System will now be combined with a global wave model called WaveWatch III, which will extend current wave forecasts to 16 days and improve predictions of ocean waves forced by the atmosphere.

“These updates are part of the Next Generation Global Forecasting System within the framework of the Unified Forecast System (UFS), which is an ongoing initiative to leverage the expertise of the broader meteorological community and accelerate the path from research to operations.” said Vijay Tallapragada, director of the Data Assimilation and Modeling Branch at NOAA’s Center for Environmental Modeling.

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